Elements and Components of Computer Processors

by Shelly Austin

The Central Processing Unit is considered as the Brain of the computer that it controls all types of operations on user commands. Processors are most important components that it processes the input data and gives accurate results. They perform operations like Arithmetic and logical operations, Basic Calculations, Gaming and programming operations and so on. A good processor will help you to give best speed and high quality performance of operations.  These devices also have some small components that help them to work effectively. Here are a list of these objects and their operations.

processors	cpu Elements and Components of Computer Processors:

Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU):

ALU is one of the most important components of computer that it process basic operations like calculations, conversions, and numeric operations and so on. This takes input from the user and informs the processor to process the data and gives accurate result through output devices.  The name itself explains you its real meaning that it helps to small operations like adding, subtraction, multiplying, and division. It also performs Logical operations like Logic AND, Logic OR. It is considered as one of the major parts of central processing unit.


Registers are one of the parts that exist inside processor. The basic work of registers is to take actions from ALU and save temporarily in its file. They are termed as short term memory savers and hence save memory to inform the Processor. This will help you to not lose your data accidently.


processors	cpuThis is another type of component that will be on Processors. They work on transferring data from one part to another par inside processor. These are categorized as three types

  1. Data Bus: The data bus is used to transfer small data like bytes among the particles of CPU When the user give commands the processor will make it process and gives result, this result is transferred to register with the help of Data bus. This is a small transform operation that only transfers data bytes.
  2. Address Bus: The Address Bus is used to retrieve the data from the registers depends on the number of bus. It commands the processing unit to keep the data at particular memory location. If you give any command, then this bus will retrieve it from the memory locations. This is termed as one of the useful operations.
  3. Control Bus: The Control bus is used to transfer control signals among the components of CPU. When you give certain commands to the computer, it will inform ALU that user is requesting certain operation by putting certain number on control bus. These three Buses are most important to operate the user commands.
  4. Decoders: The major work of decoders is to decode the user commands and to inform the processor for example: if you give addition of two numbers the decoder will decode this information and inform the processors to operate the commands. Hence these are the important elements and components of CPU Processors.