Complete Immunity to Disease with bim100

by Shelly Austin

The process of immunity development to different forms of disease can be effectively streamlined with bim100. You can consider a terminal disease like caner as an example for this process. The fact that human immune system has a twin role to play when it comes to defence against cancer can be baffling. In the first part it has a tendency to inhibit the cancer cells and prevent their growth and spreading. In the second part it has a tendency to protect the cancer cells and promote their growth. The aim of bim100 based treatment is to enhance the first part and suppress the second part. In this section you can read in brief about how the twin goals are achieved

bim100Immunity against Cancer with bim100

  • Enhancement in the cancer suppressing genes is one of the methods in which the human body develops immunity against cancer. But this process can be achieved only when the specific types of proteins are activated within the human body. This is achieved with the help of Retino-Blastoma.
  • Retino-Blastoma can be induced in the human cells by a series of sequencing biological activities initiated by the ingredients of bim100. The Xanthones present in the Mangosteen like the Garcinone has an important role to play in this aspect. Once this goal is achieved, eh next processes get streamlined naturally. This protein is capable of suppressing the cancel cell division from the first phase to the synthesis if cell division. In effect the Retino-Blastoma is responsible for the suppression of all the other proteins which may otherwise promote the process of cancer cell division.
  • Until now this process was achieved with the help of chemotherapy and other radiation methods. Though they contributed to certain levels of success, the side effects produced by them have been equally damaging in nature. But the methods applied by natural enhancement of Retino-Blastoma with bim100 is said to be free from every type of side effect.
  • The second type of protein which plays an important role in immunity against cancer is the P-53. This is a protein which is obtained from the synthesis of a special gene named TP-53. This protein could be suppressed by the growing cancer cells, if the natural immunity of the body gets reduced due to biological reasons. So, the main activity of the bim100 ingredients will be to eliminate the P-53 suppressing activities and enable the natural activity of the P-53 protein.

Suppression of Auto Immunity by bim100

bim100The Cytokines like IL6 and IL-1beta are known to enhance the growth and expansion of cancer cells. Most of the cell division processes are supported by this Cytokine and others similar to this.

  • The role of bim100 is to suppress the activation of this IL6 and IL-1Beta from supporting cancer cell division.
  • The process can be time consuming and needs to be achieved with the help of other supporting medications and treatments. The progress in the research of bim100 and its ingredients may be able to achieve this goal completely in the near future.