How to Choose Best Pizza Stone for Grill

by Shelly Austin

If you wish to get a mild flavor of charred sensation in your pizza without letting go of its quality and taste, the pizza stone for grill is the most recommended material for your needs. You will be able to cook your pizza rather than baking it as you always did before. This is said to make a big difference in the way your pizza tastes. Once you have gathered all the ingredients for the preparation, you can go ahead and spread the dough on the stone.

Heating Methods of Pizza Stone for Grill

You can heat the pizza stone for grill in two ways, namely the direct and indirect methods. In the direct method you expose the stone directly to the source of heat. You can opt for this approach when you wish to reduce the time of cooking. But you need to be vigilant when the pizza is cooking. Once the crust turns brownish in color you need to remove it from the source.

By using the indirect method of heating, you are placing the pizza stone for grill away from the source of heat. In this case the heat conducted by the grill cooks the pizza. In some instances you can use the combination of direct and indirect cooking to give extra flavor to the pizza. Regardless of the method you use, the pizza stone for grill gives you the best quality of output every time.

Filings Cooking on the Pizza Stone for Grill

When you are using the pizza stone for grill there may be a need to pre cook the filling materials. Veggies and chicken can be boiled and grilled at a temperature of about 150 degrees (F) before using in the pizza fillings.

  • The thermal conductivity of pizza stone for grill makes it good enough for indirect heating, if you wish to mellow the fillings to the semi melted stage. You can use this technique especially for the pizza filled with cheese and chicken. The grilled breast needs to absorb the melted cheese fully and mellow down gradually. If you place it directly on the source of heat, the probability of burning out is more.
  • For the lamb pizza however you may place the pizza stone for grill directly onto the source of heat. But you should make sure the temperature doesn’t cross over 350-400 degree (F) at any time. This will help in melting down the meat to the desired level. Once the crust turns brown you can shift the stone to the other side of the oven and switch to indirect method of cooking.
  • If you are using only veggies for the fillings it is better to opt for the indirect method. The pizza stone for grill has the highest sensitivity to the heat flowing through the grill. It can absorb the heat and transfer the maximum of it into the dough being cooked. Since the material is capable of retaining heat over considerable time, the pizza stone for grill can be used to cook the veggie pizza to get the best quality and taste.