Basics before knowing the MSP hacks

by Shelly Austin

msp hack


MSP hacks are something which you are probably looking for and you know its importance if you are into playing Movies Star Planet. Movie Star Planet is a game which is quite popular and an interesting one for people who understand it wisely. MSP hacks are required to get unlimited Diamonds, VIP and StarCoins as and what you desire for the game account. Now, how to use MSP hacks will be a question with you? it is quite simple, you need to follow some simple steps and you’ll be easily accessing all the things and resources which you need for the game. It is compatible with any O.S or Operating System which you are using be it IOS, Android or be it Windows.

Made with loves by the best coders

The MSP hacks here are developed by some quite intelligent and skilled coders who are quite efficient with their work. These coders have coded hacks for many other games and the best thing is that this is for free without any kind of risk to our Movie star planet Booster. It is quite user friendly and all your problems becomes quite easy with this which are related to Movies Star Planet resources. You can use these hacks directly from your internet browser be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Browser, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser which you are using and for this you don’t need to download some idiotic software. MSP hacks are quite useful and no one can deny that.

Let us get the basics correct

As we get further into details, let us understand the elements which are important about the game.

Let us start by understanding what is StarCoins? These are nothing but the main primary currency which you will be using in this game. Each player of this game gets 10 coins initially after you watch some movie but more will be gained by the creator of the movie, but the amount which they get depends level which they have in the game. higher the level they reach, the more coins is what they get as reward. Boonie or a pet will also get you StarCoinssomewhere between the range one and five. Now, this amount also which you get depends directly on the condition in which the pet is. Lastly, if a player becomes winner of some competition he/she earns diamonds, StarCoins and VIP status. There are Some other ways also by which you can earn StarCoinsinstead of using cheats is by spinning the daily Wheel of Fortune giving or receiving a greeting.

The next important part of this is gems or the Diamonds. This resources can be used in the Diamond Shop which you can get in the tab of Shopping. The diamonds can be used to purchase item which are quite exclusive, animations, clothing, and a lot many other similar things. The only method or the way for you to get diamonds is to either win contest or buy a VIP. The last important thing in this game is VIP status and there will be players who would like to unleash or uncover all the features are advised to get the VIP status. The reason behind this is that it brings more Diamonds, StarCoins and a lot more.